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He's Not That Angry :)

Devona recently completed work on "The Angriest Man in Brooklyn"
starring Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Melissa Leo, Peter Dinklage and Hamish Linklater.
"Its amazingly odd that some parts of downtown LA, can appear to look and sound so much like New York. I thought the sound would prove to be an issue for the on set mixer with the constant ambulance and helicopters...but we shot around it and when it couldn't be helped, I guess it added the right ambiance.

This was my first time booming a wide shot in a large feature and Robin was kind enough to shout  for an apple box  when he saw me trying to grow 3 more inches to stay out of the shot.

Both Mila and Robin were awesome and I can't wait to see the film . Lionsgate scooped it up so I don't think they'll waste any time getting it up on the big screen!!" -Devona

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