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New album!!! Harmony In Chaos - 6/10/20

Updated: May 31, 2020

Devona's debut Album "HARMONY IN CHAOS" will be available to stream & download on June 10, 2020.

🎶Aaaah!!!! I'm so excited to announce that my debut album "HARMONY in CHAOS" will be out 5.20.20! And pre-order on 5.11🎶 .

"Devona’s first album and self produced body of work is an all in, soulful ride through a star-field of electronic-orchestral waves, angelic harmonies, and 808 drums. A raw sonic journey through time, her lyrics sail you through the laughter of love, the shadows of loss, and into the irony of what it means to be human; Of the Harmony in Chaos"


So here's where it gets personal...

I first have to say thank you so much for all of the love you've shown me and my art, always! <3 I poured every ounce of me into every note, midi region, clarinet toot, snare hit, eq, mic placement, plugin, lol & doing it all alone was so challenging, but I learned so much! In the end I realized you were all there with me the whole time! It has been a roller coaster of an emotional ride. Joy, exhaustion, pain...triumph. There was a time when I felt as if my own body had let me down; the irony of losing something I love. Once my thyroid tumors were removed & as the fog and pain lifted, I felt reborn. I took it as a sign that if I didn't use it, I'd lose it. I had to relearn my new instrument but also refocus my motivations. I had been struggling so much with perfection you guys: perfect vocals, mix, feel, so much so that I couldn't let go. I wasn't free. I've realized that there's no place for fear in the love of creation, in the process of manifesting, & that not everyone will love everything, but that creation in itself IS THE RELEASE & the healing. That only by fate and no guarantee, someone somewhere may resonate in themselves their own love and healing...and maybe dance a lil bit. So, allllll that being said, I release "HARMONY IN CHAOS" as an example for myself to always remember that art is long and time is fleeting, that love is paramount (self love especially), that nothing is impossible, & that the journey is the process, to expect nothing, but always move with a purpose; to be grateful.


To 8yr old De up a tree w/her keyboard. You did it!

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