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Self Produced Debut Album

Harmony In ChaosOut now

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Harmony In Chaos - The Album

Devona’s Debut album and self produced body of work is an all in, soulful ride through a star-field of electronic-orchestral waves, angelic harmonies, and 808 drums. A raw sonic journey through time, her lyrics sail you through the laughter of love, the shadows of loss, and into the irony of what it means to be human; Of the Harmony in Chaos.

Singer-songwriter & sound engineer DEVONA has always followed her innate pull toward music. Her multifaceted audience of "radiant creatures" drives her to tell the story of the soul's journey, through musical expression. Though her sound is mostly electronic, her foundation as a classically trained clarinetist cleared the way for a creatively open soundscape. Hailing from N.E Spain, and growing up in the midwest, a broad spectrum of musical influence from world, to folk, ambient, rock and R&B, fueled her early evolution and helped her find her voice.


Her first single "Cherish" was independently released in 2005 and is her top downloaded iTunes single to date. In 2010 she performed her second single “The girl can’t stand you” to kick off LA fashion week which also launched her career as an international runway model, later opening commercial channels into original music production for the very first app to debut at NY Fashion Week: Stylish Girl, virtual closet.  


She is not only an engaging performer but has schooled her way through the technical aspects of music production, with a rooted career as a Grammy-nominated recording engineer for studio, film, and episodic tv production. Devona transforms runway and music fusion, by melding her passions and worldly culture together to create a powerful sensory experience on stage. She is a humble and authentically talented creative mind, and someone to watch out for as an upcoming artist.


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