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Beyond the Lights

"Working on this film was both a challenge and a pleasure. Coincidentally the 2nd Nina Simone inspired musical feature I've worked on during my production sound career and second starring Mini Driver. It's always interesting to see the final edits come to life on screen because on set, you are kind of learning the story piece by piece with lots of snacks from craft services in between lol.

My favorite onset craft is the playback operator. My job basically entails, setting up your Protools rig, and session, editing the click track and stems, then cueing up the music for the next musical scene. In this case: an onstage music awards performance scene. We work hand in hand with the mixers, and in this case, projectionists (who were broadcasting a live video feed to the backdrop screens) and performers to ensure the scene stays in sync musically and visually. "
- Devona
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